Sherlock Holmes Tv Series ( Review ) HD Print Leaked by Filmyzilla

Today we going to see the Review of Sherlock Holmes Tv Series Season 01 Episode 04 and  Season 02 Episode 03 All episodes are available in Hindi Dubbed. Sherlock Holmes Tv series Hindi Dubbed with 780p and 480p Print. Sherlock Holmes Tv Series Leaked by Filmyzilla and Tamilrockrs.

Sherlock Holmes Tv Series ( Review ) HD Print Leaked by Filmyzilla


Series Information

Series Name





TV Series (2010–2017)


480p 150MB – 720p HD 350MB

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1h 28min


Crime, Drama, Mystery


Hindi – Telugu – English Dubbed 


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Sherlock Holmes TV series 1 Review ( Season 01 episode 04 )

Sherlock Holmes Tv Series ( Review ) HD Print Leaked by Filmyzilla

           Sherlock or so I had gotten an absurd amount of requests review Sherlock and today I was sitting around I was bored I had nothing to do so I was like oh I'll watch Sherlock you know that thing that my buddy loaned me a couple months ago that I haven't watched and after watching.

           like I said on my Twitter I'm a man enough to admit when I'm wrong I should have watched this eons ago Sherlock is absurdly good.

           now this is just a review of season 1 because I haven't seen season two yet season 2 breaths of air in America starting.

          May 6th I believe and then comes out on blu-ray May 22nd either case I'll do a separate video for season 2 this is all season 1 so Sherlock is a modern take on the Sherlock Holmes story when I heard that older oh yeah you mean they made.

         It in 2010 it's a modern take it's like no it takes place in the year 2010 as it was also made in the year 2010 so you have Sherlock Holmes and Watson in modern-day which.

           When you do something like that you take something from the past you know in the 1800s and you make it take place now I can really blow up in your face easily luckily Sherlock pulls it off as well as I think.


Sherlock Holmes season 1 download in Hindi 480p MoviesRush


            It's ever gonna go now the ones who play Sherlock Holmes and Watson they both do a great job I don't know much about either of them except for the fact that Watson is Bilbo in the new Hobbit movies and Sherlock Holmes is supposed.

         The voice of Smaug other than that they're relatively unknown to me cuz I'm American and we just don't know British things outside a red dwarf and that one tea party thing the character Sherlock Holmes he's awesome as many of you know a house from the show house is based on Sherlock Holmes so you see a lot of similarities between.

           The two but Sherlock Holmes is just less damaged not that I don't love Greg house he's a cool character but just Sherlock Holmes is a little more likable in fact is he's just not pissed off at life like the house is he's still really disconnected from people like at a point, Watson was like do you realize that there are human lives at stake in Holmes's life does.


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          It helps me solve the case No then I don't care I just like that I was like okay he's still disconnected he's still all about the game here's more about solving the case for the sake of giving him something to do because.

         He gets bored really easily because he's a really sociopathic super-genius he's just super smart I may be taking a leap here but I believe that Sherlock Holmes would agree that the three stooges movie is yeah I had to go there but I do read the comment.

           The show Sherlock does that thing where you see your friends you're like ha you were at the grocery store how will your shoes tell me otherwise and your friends are like you're dumb I was at the grocery store I don't know why you even have that conversation but at school when a show makes you feel cool like that and that's.

            What the show Sherlock's nails and does right then I felt the Guy Ritchie movie starring Robert Downey jr. did not one of my gripes about the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes.

           Movies are that it doesn't actually show you what Sherlock Holmes sees he walks into the room he looks around he cases the place but it doesn't tell you what his mind is thinking in the show, Sherlock.


Sherlock Holmes season 1 download in Hindi 720p Telegram


           He walks into a room, he assesses everything and starts zooming in on stuff and not only zooming in on objects but it shows old cliff notes on the screen yeah like writing starts coming on the screen it shows you what his mind is processing.

 what he's thinking that brings you the viewer along for the ride it helps you ride the coattails of Sherlock Holmes is a genius at which point you have Watson the really relatable normal character that serves as your eyes kind of seeing.

 Sherlock Holmes and the situation's how Watson sees them but when Sherlock Holmes snaps into genius mode it shows everything he's thinking then you can see things through his eyes so it appeals to your normal guy nature.

 Watson and appeals to your ego through Sherlock Holmes at that point every part of you is completely satisfied your ego and super-ego can rest peacefully at night Sherlock season 1 is just three episodes long.

 which would be a bummer like three episodes are you me but each episode is an hour and a half long so I choose to see it as three hour and a half long movies you see it like that you can kind of be like okay I'll drop 27 bucks on the blu-ray no problem perception is reality.


Sherlock season 1 Hindi dubbed download 480p


 when you are a cheap bastard I don't consider talking about Moriarty a spoiler because you know he's gonna be in the Sherlock shouts like any good Ninja Turtles movie will have shredder but if I'm gonna be completely honest.

 when I saw Moriarty I knew I was going to do this I know I was gonna compare him to the Jared Harris Moriarty, you know the Moriarty and the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies if I'm honest so far I prefer.

 the Jared Harris Moriarty, you know that quiet persona of someone who has complete control of the situation just by being in the room scares the living out of you because you know when he's just looking at you he's processing everything.

 I got that from the Jared Harris Moriarty, I did not get that from this Moriarty I don't know how we can be in seeing them - that's the thing about season 1 and season 2.

 when they're done with season 1 they get feedback from fans and they could just tweak Moriarty however, so we'll see how he is in season 2 but so far I prefer Jared Harris but Sherlock Holmes the character and the story as a whole the BBC Sherlock for sure BBC Sherlock is everything.

 I wanted in a Sherlock Holmes story is what I wanted in the movies really super-smart dialogue super-smart characters relatable characters.


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 It’s funny when it wants to be you know you laugh at stuff Sherlock Holmes is a super character super badass he's what everyone wants to be kind of funny that when you're a kid you want to be like super me you know just physically.

 invincible as you get older you're like no I just want to be a super genius like Sherlock Holmes they played on the strengths of Sherlock Holmes.

 character and story and they did it to the fullest best Sherlock Holmes rendition I've seen I recommend the show to everyone to everyone who recommended the show to me thank you you all kick ass and you're just smart people so your favorite super genius.

 Sherlock Holmes ish characters don't even have to be a good guy can be a bad guy if you say dr. Robotnik that's cool whoever your favorite super genius is comment below let me know and as always if you like what you have seen here and you want to see more Click right here to see more.


Sherlock season 1 download 480p in Hindi




Sherlock Holmes TV series 2 Review ( Season 02 episode 03 )


Sherlock Holmes Tv Series ( Review ) HD Print Leaked by Filmyzilla

          Sherlock Holmes TV series 2 review English all right I got no jokes I got no witty quips I just want to talk about this so let's go Sherlock series two in America we say season to the Brits say.

           Series two so hey we hold to that or I hold I don't know who we are all right so I've already reviewed series 1 of Sherlock you know what I feel about the entire thing it's awesome so now.

          I watch series 2 and I will say this plainly after the first episode aired I turn to my a friend and I was like that was good TV I love the first episode that is how you start a season off or series first of all you have I read to learn all right Rachel McAdams plays.


Sherlock Holmes series 2 Download in Hindi Filmyzilla


         Irene Adler in the movies and what I've realized this show does is not only take the characters that you know from the movies and make them a zillion times better but it also makes the Robert Downey jr. movies irrelevant because this is the definitive.

          Sherlock experience comparing the BBC series Irene Adler to Rachel McAdams Irene Adler is like comparing the Christian Bale Batman to the George Clooney Batman you think back you're like yeah that other one just isn't.

          it's not memorable but this character in the show yeah memorable to say the least she's awesome she's sexy she's smart she is competition for Sherlock one of the coolest moments of she comes out and Sherlock can't size her up he looks at Watson.


Sherlock season 2 Download 480p in Hindi Telegram


          just immediately mentally sizes him up you see cliff notes all over Watson's face and clothes obviously he still has it it goes back over to her just question marks that's what I knew I was like this is gonna be a good episode I didn't know it was going to be a great episode my least favorite episode of the entire series is the second.

           episode the hounds of Baskerville episode and I understand why they had the episode in it because hounds of the Baskervilles like an iconic thing you know you can't have the Sherlock show and not have the Baskerville episode that being said I felt like.

           it was the weakest link you come off of the Irene Adler episode the scandal in Belgravia really strong opener really great characters a good character episode for Sherlock Holmes, then you go to this which is just pretty much an episode they have their mystery they have to go to it they have to solve.


Sherlock Holmes web series 2 download in Hindi 480p


           it but you don't feel the gravity of the situation for Sherlock Holmes and Watson like if they never went to that case and took on that case I don't feel like their lives to be any different you don't feel Jim Moriarty's Clause than anything you just feel like.

 it's an episode however for moving on to the third episode that's the Jim Moriarty episode just like series 1 the third episode is Jim Moriarty versus Sherlock Holmes now we get it again I'm going to show a picture of Moriarty kind of have to at this point a series to the fun of series.

           one is not really knowing who Moriarty is now you've met him at the end of series one now he's taking on Moriarty so here's the picture this guy right here the maniac Moriarty and that was my gripe in series 1 if you remember.

Sherlock Holmes TV series in Hindi Download Tamilrockers

           I saw Jim Moriarty, I was like I don't like how they're doing I felt like when I first met Jim Moriarty at the end of series 1 first of all you have like two minutes to get to know him but second of all I felt like he talked like Pollux Troy from faceoff room I guess it's hard to really know where they're gonna take a character in about two minutes of screen time Jim.

          Moriarty in series 2 I get where they were going with it I liked how they did and I did use crazies out of his mind I mean you know that if things are happy you're like this guy is crazy then by the end of the episode you're like this guy is insane and you love it.

          it like he's insane in that really cool Kefka from final fantasy 6 kinds of the way he's insane in eccentric but he has the will and determination to really pull it off he's not just going after Sherlock Holmes he's going after the Sherlock Holmes the legacy he is going to crush this guy when I walk away from the entertainment of some kind after.


Sherlock Holmes season 2 Download in Hindi 480p


           I see the villain and I am quoting the guy for like a week I know I've met a good villain Moriarty is one of those people I like him the more I think about him my only gripe is that I don't feel it shows him enough I always want to see more of Moriarty and again.

           it's the bummer I think back to the Jared Harris Moriarty I love the dude I felt he was a perfect Moriarty for the Moriarty that was going for in the movie however is he is interesting as Moriarty and the BBC Sherlock he's not kind of funny how perspective does that you know like you love the Jack Nicholson Joker and then.

          Heath Ledger's Joker came out you're like yeah he's just better a strong opener a the great villain a strong ending I don't know how they could have made this any better I'm getting these on blu-ray that is a fact it's happening I wanted to watch this immediately again right.


Sherlock Holmes series 2 download in Hindi 720p


         when it was over I just wanna be like sweet but in disc one let's do this again really this is the definitive Sherlock experience I can't stress that enough I love the fact that it made it take place in modern times didn't make it feel like a gimmick I mean really when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned the Sherlock stories they were in modern times for him now they've just adapted.

          it for modern times for us I guess there's a new Sherlock series coming out in America or Lucy Liu plays Watson I have no interest in seeing it whatsoever I have found the holy grail of Sherlock I will go ahead and stick with those thank you.

           I really don't rate shows but the BBC Sherlock is awesome tacular it's got to make it the official you know you just have to I think any written text that's written with the intent to be spoken should be written by the writers of BBC.


Sherlock season 2 Hindi Dubbed Download 480p


          Sherlock this has some of the best writing characters and dialogue that you will find in entertainment period so have you seen the BBC Sherlock what did you think of it how did you like season 2 in comparison to season 1?

           what's your favorite episode so many questions so little time if you say it sucks I don't even know what moon of what planet you exist on but I'm still curious comment below let me know and as always if you liked what you've seen here and you want to see more click right here to see more.


Sherlock Holmes series 2 Trailer Explain


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